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Talento Production is a video marketing agency who partners with brands & businesses to visualize their communications.
Our focus is an entire video marketing strategy rather than just a single video.
We work together throughout the entire process to ensure our video marketing partnership achieve the most successful objectives.
We engage every project with determination. “Okay” is simply not good enough. We want to do more and we want to do it right.

Video Production

Videos has been recognized as the most effective way to influence audiences. It can drastically improve your sales, drive traffic to your website, generate leads and so on. That's why we offer variety of video production types such as Brand, Event, Content, Corporate, Commercial, Training and Motion Graphic videos.


An estimated 80% of all advertising campaigns use photos. Behind the scenes & content photography are great and inexpensive way to increase your company’s social network feed. Commercial photography and sales work well together.

Aerial Photo & Video

Aerial photography & video production is an excellent opportunity to stand out from among the crowd. Showing a diverse vantage point of the business and service through bird’s eye any company can enhance their appeal, attract customers and improve sales.

Jura Zebec
Wayoudo - Co Founder

Very professional crew with great ideas and fantastic editing skills. They've been very cooperative, easy to work with and their output was outstanding. A huge thank you Talento!

Nikolina Zrinski
Oh! So Croatia - CEO

What a dream team of talent combined with the best personalities you'll ever meet! Thank you so much Talento!!